Skepta has launched the first collection for his new clothing brand, Mains.

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After weeks of anticipation, Skepta has teamed up with Selfridges to release the first collection of his new clothing brand Mains. Despite multiple teasers being released on social media, the overall theme and style of the brand was yet to be defined. However, judging off the first release it seems that the brand is focused around higher-end ‘basic’ clothing. Continue reading to see the pictures from the collection…

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Palace release lookbook for their SS17 collection


Palace have recently released their Spring/Summer collection for 2017. The collection features an old school 80s theme across its pieces and carries variety of different textures and graphics. The release date is set for February 24th in at Palace’s London Store and March 3rd at 11AM GMT online. Check out our favourite looks from the collection…

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Op-Ed: Trends That 2017 Is Dropping & Trends That It’s Copping


With 2017 quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to look back at 2016 to see what’s going be left behind and what’s going to continue to grow in the new year. Here’s our predictions…

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Tyler Grosso releases lookbook for latest collection


Tyler Grosso and his brand, Superrradical, have released a lookbook for their upcoming collection titled “Youth Gone Wild”. The release is the second part of the brand’s fall/winter collection and features t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, sweatpants, beanies and lighters. The collection drops on the 27th of December on Superrradical’s online store. Continue reading for a complete look at the collection… Continue reading “Tyler Grosso releases lookbook for latest collection”

Vetements releases Reebok tennis sock collaboration



After the success of their collaboration with Canadian Goose earlier this month, Vetements are back again but this time with sportswear brand, Reebok. The odd pairing have teamed up for a delivery of tennis socks priced at $85 each. Continue reading to check out more looks of the collaboration…  Continue reading “Vetements releases Reebok tennis sock collaboration”

Maybe Today NYC On Their Growth And Future

Maybe Today, the brand created under the ‘don’t say, just do’ attitude, has grown and continues to grow in a competitive streetwear industry. Co-owner Luke Fracher says his brand is progressing in the quality of its designs and materials. Underline caught up with the brand to discuss how it all started and where it is going…

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Where Is Green Fashion?

The US alone discards 21 billion pounds of clothes per year. That’s the weight of 656,000 sperm whales. Which is about triple the amount of sperm whales there actually are. And their numbers continue to dwindle. But this isn’t an article on sperm whales or the degrading environment.
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