Supreme Drops FW16 Week One Online

Source: Tiffany Yannetta.

AUTOBOTS ASSEMBLE! That’s an appropriate rallying cry for the FW16 season, the first installment of which graces us today online from the world-famous Supreme. With SS16 largely leaving something to be desired among new fans and die-hard collectors alike, Supreme released their FW preview to an audience updating their scripts and arranging proxies in skepticism.

The reception for FW16 has been somewhat mixed. Most agree that it is a stronger assortment than SS16 and a sizable amount of pieces have received heavy doses of hype.

The Patchwork Anorak was met with criticism when it was leaked during this summer but it seems as though tastes have changed and buyers have warmed to it. It’s a fairly loud piece that insinuates some vintage influence due to it’s quilt-like construction and unconventional fabric patterns.

Patchwork Anorak
Patchwork Anorak FW16. Source:

One item that has caused an especially loud hum online is the brick. Few brands have the audacity to slap their logos onto the things that Supreme has branded in the past (nunchaku, punching bags, a brass male genitalia keychain) but this brick is a new level. Rumors have circulated regarding it’s price and one could expect it to be under $30, shipping not included. Supreme’s reasoning for making such an item has been debated but one thing can be certain: the brick won’t sit. It’ll sellout as a collector’s item much like the punching bag of SS16.

Supreme Brick
Supreme Brick. Source:

As people continued scrolling through the preview, everyone collectively lost their shit when it was revealed that a box logo was going to drop this season. Coming in eight colorways pictured below, the most coveted will be the peach/light pink and the all-black. As anyone who buys online Supreme online knows, hyped items are incredibly difficult to purchase manually. Last seasons Motion Logo Shirt had sold out in under 10 seconds so one can only imagine how long the bogo will sit before it’s gone.

Supreme Bogo
Supreme Bogo FW16. Source:

Failing to properly address this issue and failing to lose popularity, Supreme sees more and more of it’s online sales being done by bots. SS16 was plagued by consumers getting “ghost-ordered” or “ghosted” in which they would receive a confirmation email but would not be charged. Or they would receive an email, be charged a small amount by Supreme, and then be immediately reimbursed in the same amount. If you find your purchasing experience similar to what has just been described, and the item that you wanted is now sold out, more likely than not you just took an L. No one really knows why people get “ghosted” but it seems that it can happen to both bots and manual buyers.

Aside from the items mentioned, this season looks solid overall. Expect a little bit more competition than last season regardless of how you choose to purchase. But also expect to flex or get flexed on heavy with what it has to offer in the coming months.

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