Robesman Talks His Brand, Inspirations And The Future

Streetwear brand, Robesman, have slowly been creeping their way onto the LA scene. No Jumper Co-Host and founder of the brand has impressed with his brand’s unique designs and products. Underline sat down with him and his brand to discuss their beginnings, story and the future. 

How did Robesman get started?
I started the brand in 2013 in LA. I started it because I wanted an outlet in my life where I had complete creative control. I had worked with bands and artists since 2008 and always was guiding someone else’s vision. All the while I had very strong design opinions and I needed an outlet to express those, so I started Robesman.
What is the story behind the name Robesman?
It’s a derivative of a nickname I had in college, my name is Bob so people I knew called me bo-bo. Then they made that Bobes and Bobes became Bobesman and Bobesman one day switched to Robesman. I always thought it was funny adding “sman’s” to the end of words too; like if you like shoes you’re a shoesman. It’s playful. Also, it was super important that my brand be the first google result and that I get my own domain. No one had used Robesman yet so I claimed it.
Is there a particular audience which you are targeting with Robesman?
Not really to be honest.
Where do you draw the most inspiration from for Robesman? 
Scorpion from Mortal Kombat II, The 2017 Audi RS7, Rage Against The Machine and Messi.
What would you say is your favorite Robesman piece created?
Season 4 
Robesman Season 4 Long Sleeve
You recently collaborated with Chicago rapper Warhol and his 3200 collective, what was the idea behind that collaboration?/Is there a story behind that collaboration?
I met Warhol at this random mansion party in brentwood this year. The party itself was ass but had so much potential. These investment banker kids rented this mansion in Brentwood but they could barely get any people to show up but somehow my crew and Warhol’s crew found out about it. We were doing the bottle flip game in the kitchen and Warhol came thru and landed like 6 in a row. It was at that moment I knew I had to collab with him.
You’re seven seasons down, can you give us any news on season eight? 
Season 8 definitely on the way and I am 100% going to be back on my bullshit on season 8.
Do you ever see yourself venturing into Cut N Sew?
Yes! I also really really want to design women’s handbags. I also want to make a high end menswear line called Robert Esman.
Where do you hope to take your brand in the future?
As far as it can go really and I’ma have fun every step of the way. 

If you’re interested in checking out Robesman, be sure to head on over to their site
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