The Reality Streetwear Webshow: PAQ



Streetwear has already been introduced to the vast industry of reality TV through shows such as Round Two. Although, the industry’s latest production – PAQ – takes an entertaining spin on the genre…

PAQ, a show produced by Kyra TV, explores the relationship between four friends and their love for streetwear. The show features model Elias Riadi, musician Dexter Black, art student Shaquille Keith and skater Danny Lomas; all of whom participate in challenges and activities that revolve around streetwear such as trying to finesse the best uniforms off of public workers to coping the cleanest fit for £50.


The show is still in its infancy but is already showing signs off potential and has received supportive feedback from the streetwear community. We recommend you check out the shows first few episodes below and be sure to subscribe to Kyra TV for the upcoming episodes.


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