Midas Clothing talks on their Unique Style And Adventure Into Cut N Sew.


Midas clothing, a startup brand based out of the UK, that aims to defy the advice that all streetwear brands are given. Midas has jumped right into the cut n’ sew and footwear industry and continues to impress with their unique clothing. Underline sits down with the adventurous brand…

Midas, how did it all start?

Midas clothing got started when I decided to stop working for other people and chasing money and do something that I can enjoy and be creative with and be in full control of everything, I had no experience in clothing design or running a brand so it has been an enjoyable learning process.


What does Midas mean?

Midas is named after the story of King Midas and how he turned things into gold and became greedy. It’s basically a metaphor for why I started the brand; to stop chasing money and turn my passions “into gold”. The name came around after showing my girlfriend some designs and talking to her, she actually came up with the name!

What motivated you to start the brand and get into streetwear?

I got into street wear around 2005 when I became obsessed with bathing ape, I have always been into fashion but originally I wanted to be a football (soccer) player.. up until a couple of years ago I lived in Finland playing football for 4 years but it never worked out, once I stopped playing I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and one day everything just clicked and I decided instead of spending most of my money on designer/streetwear brands I could create my own clothing and direct my new energy and focus into my own brand. I’ve always had images in my head of clothing that I bought and how I would change it to make it better and this gave me the opportunity to completely make my own clothing from scratch!


What is your brand inspired by?

Being from London I am heavily inspired by brands like Palace and represent clothing, seeing what an impact they have on the streetwear/fashion game and their impact worldwide. Although, I am trying to take inspiration from everywhere rather than just other clothing brands as I’m learning every day and really trying to grow into a brand that can make its own impact on fashion one day.

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Is there anyone within the streetwear community or anywhere else that inspires you and your brand?

I love the A$AP crew and what they stand for and people with unique style like Luka Sabbat who are directly involved with the streetwear movement. It’s really interesting and inspiring to see the impact of high-end designers like Raf Simons and how important he is to the community and how some of his designs from 15 years ago are still highly relevant today.

You are also working on footwear, is it difficult to balance both?

Yes, the footwear is still in the works and it is difficult. I find footwear a lot harder to design than clothing. But, it is something that I definitely want to get up and running when the time is right. I rushed things in the beginning but now learning to take my time and make sure everything is perfect.


What were the most difficult hurdles to overcome while developing your brand?

Finding manufacturers etc. a lot of time and money can go into it before you find the right people.

Can you see yourself continuing to pursue the streetwear scene in the future?

Yeah for sure, I love the way brands like Off-White manage to balance streetwear with high-end styles and is something I would like my brand to move towards. I only want to produce clothing that I love and want to wear myself so as my own style develops the brands will as well.

So looking forward, do you have any plans or collaborations?

We have just done a collab with ByKy (@kyyller on twitter) someone who we have worked with a lot. I like collabing but it has to be with the right people for my brand. Our plans for the future are just to continue growing and learning, I am still new to this and have a long way to go!


If you’re interested in purchasing Midas Clothing, be sure to head over to their site.


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