Maybe Today NYC On Their Growth And Future

Maybe Today, the brand created under the ‘don’t say, just do’ attitude, has grown and continues to grow in a competitive streetwear industry. Co-owner Luke Fracher says his brand is progressing in the quality of its designs and materials. Underline caught up with the brand to discuss how it all started and where it is going…

How did Maybe Today begin? 
It started as every idea starts with a bunch of talking. I was working in the garment district freelancing for a bunch of other brands and just hating my situation. I was depressed, tired, and felt empty. It felt like I was not using any of my creativity and I was just being used for my knowledge of design and adobe programs. So, one day when I was complaining something just clicked. I made a point to put any extra dollars I had towards starting my own brand and told myself if it all fails I still have a day job. That’s where the name came from. Instead of talking and putting everything off until tomorrow I said why not today. Maybe today. Maybe today I’ll stop bullshitting and take the first step into becoming my own boss. Find out what it takes to take the first step and roll he dice. For me it was not too hard because I have always enjoyed taking risks and gambling. I decided that I needed about $600 in equipment to produce my first line. So one night, I opened up a bunch of windows on my computer and added everything that I would need to my cart on several websites. Then, I went out and had a couple drinks and did not think about it. When I got home I immediately went back to my open carts and clicked checkout on all of them. It left me without about $50 to my name, but I was excited to be starting a new project. 
What is the meaning behind Maybe Today? 
To be your own boss. We live in such a new world where entrepreneurship is the only way to find true freedom anymore. 9-5s are so constricted for most positions.  There is no longer room to grow within these companies that are hiring.That’s why so many people are constantly bouncing around jobs trying to find their calling.  It just does not exist anymore, especially for creatives. Everything also leads back to my education. I wanted to go to art school after high school but could not afford it, so I took the “safe” route and went to business school. After having no idea what I wanted to specialize in I chose the brand new entrepreneurship program and figured it might come in handy later on. And it did. It opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking about business and careers. 
What some inspirations behind the brand? 
Just walking around New York has always been inspiring. The city is full of so many creative entrepreneurs who started working for others and hating their jobs. So that, alone, inspires me. I want to inspire others who are in that depressing position that it is very possible to get out and achieve your goals. It just starts with a plan and a little bit of a gamble. 
Are there any brands which you look up to? 
Of course. Some of my favorite brands are Publish, Stussy, Adidas, Vans, and Levi. I typically can be caught in some Levi’s and a plain black tee though. I like simplicity with attention to detail. 
Who do you want to wear your clothes? 
Everybody. My first line had a bunch of uzis on it because I wanted to catch attention. I am slowly moving away from the uzi with pieces that anybody can wear.  I am also working on an athletic-wear line for Spring. I would love to see some more celebrities wearing MT in 2017.  That would be cool!
What are some challenges which you’ve faced with the creation and management of your brand? 
Well, I have just recently hired my girlfriend who has been such a great help. She is not afraid to say no and is willing to put in overtime to get work done. Before her though I was doing everything myself. I mean everything. Designing, sewing, printing, shipping orders, handling the website, marketing, and handling all social media. It was a lot and it was extremely stressful. It’s nice to delegate some of those positions to somebody I can trust now. I am still learning better ways to do hints everyday though. That is part of he fun. You can never stop learning how to do something more efficiently. 
How would you describe the New York streetwear industry? 
It’s so good right now. I feel like my generation of designers have finally stepped up to the plate.  It’s great to see my peers doing things differently and innovating. Also, a lot of high fashion brands are cultivating the aesthetic. It’s an exciting time for street fashion. 
What does “I’ll slip away” mean in relation to your brand? 
It means slip away from the rat race. Taking the train every morning and every night. Fighting to get by. That’s what it means to me. I try to let it mean whatever you want though. It is meant to be open-ended. 

What is the favorite piece from your most recent collection?  
I really like the Mortal Kobat tee. It is funny to me and a bit nostalgic. Aside from that I really like the safety orange pieces. 
What sort of plans do you have for the future of your brand? 
I would like to open a small shop in manhattan in the very near future. Also just to keep growing and learning. I’m taking baby steps right now and minimal risks.  That’s fine for now. Saving up to roll the dice again though. 
Where would you like to see your brand in the future? 

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