Jessika: Telling A Story Through Clothes


Jessika is an up-and-coming shirt brand that conceptually has differentiated itself from it’s counterparts. Instead of looking for an inspiration behind its designs, it has created it.

Having a “meaning” behind your brand is essential in endowing it with a cohesiveness and direction necessary to cultivate its image, reputation and ultimately purpose. Even the most abstract designers ponder on where they seek inspiration from, why it is being sought from there, and how that is affecting their process and final product.


Jessika attempts to explore the idea of “meaning” behind clothing by an unorthodox approach. The inspiration for it’s designs is drawn from a sci-fi fantasy set in a future where planetary colonization has just begun. The clothes then serve the purpose of expounding on and adding to the story that is Jessika’s designer is telling. The garments progress and reveal the story as much as the story progresses and spurs the creation of said garments, merging two artistic mediums that are typically not too often combined.

Maebishi Records.

It is “a colorful, musical tale about Jessika, a 22 year old woman living on Earth in 2054. The Great Entrada, a massive colonization of the Outer Planets, has just begun and a shadowy corporation is looking to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.”

So far the story has taken place at Maebashi Records, a hip record store in a suburb of Tokyo-Two and the protagonists place of employment. But with the latest drop of clothing this past Sunday on January 8th, it has progressed 8000 kilometers above Jupiter to the Jupiter Room, a high-altitude orbital nightclub moving at 5.3 miles per second.


Jessika does not explicitly provide a written and detailed narrative in conjunction with its clothes. Instead, it begs for the wearer to use their own imagination to fill in the parts that it has left bare. This way the brand facilitates a lasting impression on the wearer that is at first suggested by Jessika, and then cultivated by the wearer themselves. A more personal interaction is then attached to the shirt.

Jupiter Room
Jupiter Room

Albeit the fact that the releases have so far been sparse, Jessika is worth keeping on radar due to the thought and stylistic effort put into the product. In this world of fast fashion, hyped items and visual excess, it’s a nice and welcomed change of pace.

Check out more of Jessika on their website and Instagram.

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