Jeremy Tan talks streetwear, his Instagram fame and the scene in Singapore

Jeremy Tan, also known as j.remyt, has created a name for himself on social media and in the streetwear scene. With a unique style and an eye for photography, Jeremy has developed a following on the popular social media platform, Instagram. Underline sat down with the man to discuss his journey into streetwear, his Instagram fame and his experience with streetwear in Singapore.  

How and when did you get into streetwear? 
Through my circle of friends who introduced me to the staple brands of streetwear. Namely stussy, kikstyo and supreme.
How would you describe your style?  
I would say it’s pretty simple. Focusing more on simple fits which enable the individual pieces to speak for themselves. 
When did your Instagram blow-up? 
When I won my first feature on outfit-grid, I can’t explain to you the feeling I had when that happened and that was followed by a feature on Hypebeast that really blew it up to a notable scale.
What’s your role in streetwear? 
I don’t really have a specific role but I guess I could call myself an influencer. It may sound cliche but it is what it is.
Currently, what are some of your favorite brands?
John Elliott, Represent Clothing, Stampd and Rick Owens 
What’s the favorite piece you own? 
My Boris Bidjan F092 Zipper hoodie from his mainline.
What’s the streetwear scene like in Singapore? 
To be honest, it can be better. People think too highly of themselves and need to tone down their ego at some points. Humble themselves because they have a lot to learn.
What’s something that Singapore brings to the streetwear game? 
Singapore hasn’t really innovated much in the scene. Although, we have good style from certain individuals, we need a lot more if we’re going to put ourselves on the map.
Are there any big events that go down in Singapore for anything streetwear-related? 
Pretty much, it’s just sole superior which happens towards the end of every year and people bring out their most fire fits, but other than that we don’t have any.
What are some of big brands out there? 
If we’re not talking mainstream big brands such as Off-white , Fear Of God or Rick Owens. I would have to say brands like John Elliott, Represent , ADYN and Vetements.
What do you hope to do in the future with streetwear? Create a brand? Modelling? Collaborations? 
My goal is to collaborate with the brands I mentioned; that would be a dream come true. Also, to educate people on what it means to find your own style and be confident and comfortable with it.
Any last words? 
Stay true to you and not to what people want you to be. Your style is an extension of what you are. Not everyone’s gonna love it, but as long as you do, that’s all that matters. Keep grinding and follow your dreams.

Be sure to check out Jermey’s Instagram, @j.remyt
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