The Unknown Blasian, The Internets #1 Streetwear Youtuber


Emerging out of the ever saturated streetwear community is a daunting and difficult task, with passion, creativity and character all being necessary assets. Evidence of this can be found in the success of The Unknown Blasian, Kofi McCalla, who’s created his own following within the streetwear industry. Join us as The Unknown Blasian speaks on his rise and relationship with streetwear.

How did your interest in streetwear begin and how has it developed? 

My interest in streetwear began back when my parents were selling clothes back when I was young. I’ve always had an interest in fashion. It was not until I was introduced to Tumblr and Instagram- seeing photos of people wearing, e.g. Pyrex and Rick Owens when I actually gasped a solid interest in streetwear and started buying clothes that ideally made me look and feel ‘cool’ like the photos I would see. Since then, growing up I learnt more about streetwear fashion and the brands that influenced the culture and so I went on buying my own clothes and researching more into the streetwear community.

Who are your inspirations within the streetwear industry and community?
I would say that would have to be the likes of A$AP Rocky, Luka Sabbat, Spencer Lee and Kanye West.
In your opinion, what separates streetwear from menswear?
I would say streetwear is more chill and is about standing out and being different. I would say streetwear allows a person to express him/herself through what they wear rather than the typical menswear clothes that I term to being old fashioned (polo shirt, blue jeans and shoes). Streetwear is more diverse and unisex but also expensive to keep up to date with trends and even harder to start your own trend when everyone is dressing differently.
Currently, what are your favourite brands?
My favourite brands have to be; A Cold Wall*, Geo, Gosha Rubchinsky, Vetements, Pink Dolphin and 424. Most of which are still lowkey.

You have quite a large following on both of your youtube accounts: The Unknown Blasian and The Unknown Vlogs, How did the whole youtube thing start and why did you start it? 

I was always filming back when I was young and vlogging wasn’t a thing and that’s why I started YouTube. When I was allowed to go to London by myself for the first time I took my camera and filmed the day. That then led to me making more videos which you cannot find because they are all on private and very embarrassing. Since then I’ve grown an interest in fashion by reviewing clothes and giving tips about brands people should know about
on my main channel ‘The Unknown Blasian’. Then I went through a phase where I got bored of doing the same thing. I was going nowhere on that channel so I started a new channel ‘The Unknown Vlogs’. I just wanted to film my day to day life and put no effort into it. I didn’t care if I got no views on a video or anything. Eventually, my vlogging channel grew and bypassed my main channel.


What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own fashion blog or YouTube channel?
1. Copy no one, be unique, we are all different.

2. You will receive hate for what you are doing so be expecting it. If you can’t handle hate then you shouldn’t start a blog/channel.

3. Don’t start one with the mindset to being famous and popular. Do it because you love doing it and it is something you enjoy.
4. Collaborate and find people in the same field. Making friends and networking is key and fun.
5. Consistency.
6. Find your inspirations as looking up to them will motivate you.

Do you have any plans for the future? Starting your own brand? Collaborations? 

I want to launch my first clothing line and fashion show  as well as host my own events; whether that be a night club or paintballing – with my supporters (you guys). I just want to promote activeness and happiness (good vibes) and get people on moving forward in life and getting them closer to achieving their goals; giving them the tools to achieve greatness.

A message you want to leave?
I want to show people that anything can be achieved in life if you put your mind and focus on it. I am just thankful to all my supporters for always supporting and motivating me. But nevertheless, thank you Underline Project for the interview and everyone stay wavy.
Check out both of The Unknown Blasian’s channels:
Main Channel 

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