INTERVIEWS: RESKDSTROY On His Style & Plans For 2017

You may have seen him on the gram decking out your favorite anime characters in BAPE and Goyard, or working with the likes of Baker Skateboards and Chris Brown. Now, the Netherlands-based graphic designer known by the name of RESKDSTROY is getting ready to explore different avenues of creativity and that’s something to keep on your radar. We caught up with him to find out more about his origins and the plans he has for the future…

How’d you come up with the name Reskdstroy?
When I was 14 years old, I really got into graffiti and had to come up with a ”tag” name. So “Resk” is a combination of my favourite letters to use for graffiti pieces because of the shapes and and their order.
It does not really mean anything. But the “Dstroy” comes from the graffiti crew we started back then called DSH, This stands for ”Destroy Some Humans.” The name really fitted with the crazy type of characters we would paint as well with the complete vibe our pieces had and still have to this day.
Are you still working with DSH? 
Yes, but I am not really active with graffiti at the moment, I will probably get back to it in the summertime.
It’s apparent that being a part of that influenced your aesthetic. How long do you think it took you to arrive at this style of drawing?
I think that every artist already has a kind of style from the moment they start creating and from then it is just progressing, just as I am still very much to this very day. For instance, since the moment I started drawing as a kid, I always really cared about my linework, I always liked to try to create “perfect” looking and sharp outlines. At the moment I am really focusing on finding myself and thinking about creating a whole different style and signature concept.
Could you touch more on how you’re working to find yourself artistically and what made you want to try to find a new signature concept?
I am writing a lot lately, and try to get as many ideas as I can on paper so I can come to a conclusion for the next work I want to bring out. Also, I am really thinking about what  kind of message I want to bring through my work. It’s just that I want to innovate more now, I want to create a style/concept that has never been seen before. I am trying to find myself by thinking, writing, sketching and reading.
Blast Toys
Blast Toys by RESKDSTROY.
What’s your favorite equipment to use when drawing?
At the moment I love to use a drawing tablet, people use this to create digital artwork and designs. But I like all forms of tools, I like to paint walls with spray-paint, pencil and brush as well.
Do you ever do galleries? Or plan to?
Have not done galleries yet, but I want to in the future. First off I want to create enough to start a gallery, and I don’t think I have done enough yet.
Do you have a favorite piece that you’ve done so far?
Yes, that would be “Fallen Ninja.” This artwork was created by me around March 2016. I really let my feeling for detail go and I am satisfied with the vibe/story I have been able to capture in this piece.
What would you say is your main focus at the moment then?
I am trying to start my own brand this year called LUNARMOR.
Can you tell me some more about LUNARMOR?
It is still in the works, so I can’t tell you much about it yet.
Any plans or projects for 2017 you’d like to announce?
I am planning to release some products from my brand in the making “LUNARMOR”. I also will introduce a personal style and concept this year and release more of my signature concept with the soccer jerseys. I’ll add basketball jerseys as well.

If you want to purchase any of RESKDSTROY’s work as either apparel, accessories or high-quality prints, check out his website and drop him a follow on Instagram.

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