Photographer, Brandon Sapp, talks fashion, style and photography

Bradon Sapp, is slowly on the rise in the streetwear and photography industry, having worked with the likes of Glitter Magazine, Luka Sabbat and many more. Underline sat down with the fashion enthusiast, model and photographer to for a quick interview on fashion, style and photography.

How’d you first get into fashion? I was always dressing myself even before i got into the more expensive clothes, kinda just felt comfortable making outfits.

Where do you think your sense of style comes from?
I guess just family members
How would you describe your style? 
Classy Streetwear
What is your favorite piece right now? 
Supreme S/S 12 Bulldog Varsity Jacket
At what time did you realize that you could start making money from being into the streetwear scene?
It all kinda slowly but steadily happened, there hasn’t been a big turning point yet.
Were you into photography before fashion or vice versa? Or did you get into both at the same time?
Fashion before photography.
How would you describe your own photography? Or your process of taking photos?
I like to take photos that best describe the event taking place.
Where would you like to take your photography? 
I’d like to get set up with a few brands and build off of that/
Any advice for people who want to be where you’re at right now?
Post on instagram. It helps. 

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