Genesis Talks Their Debut Collection


UK-based Genesis Clothing goes live this winter with their first collection. They aim to create a brand where high fashion and streetwear fuse in such a way that the best elements of each are amplified. With those two sides of the fashion spectrum sometimes being mutually exclusive, Underline contacted the creatives behind Genesis to find out more about what they hope to accomplish and how.

How would you describe Genesis?

Genesis is a streetwear brand that incorporates the luxury and quality of high end fashion. We aim to bring the two communities together and create a niche brand that speaks out and meets the needs of both movements. We want Genesis to be a unique brand, recognised globally for offering the highest quality products within a streetwear brand, at streetwear prices.


What do you think is the best way to go about achieving that? 

To achieve our goals it’s vital that we build up a strong relationship and brand loyalty with the streetwear and high end fashion community. Connecting with influential icons within the two communities will be essential if we are to successfully bridge both markets.


It sounds as though you’re already differentiating yourselves from the pack, just by how you’re structuring the operating model of Genesis. Is there anything else you’re doing that you hope adds to that fact?

Customer care is one of our biggest priorities at Genesis. So many streetwear brands concentrate on the product and not the customer, without the customer the brand doesn’t exist. As a team we’ve spent hours discussing and developing the perfect eCommerce experience.

What’s your creative process like? How do you go about designing a piece?

It’s always started off with quality and comfort, as a team these are extremely important to us and feel like this isn’t always met. If there’s an item of clothing that hasn’t exceeded the markets expectations regarding quality and comfort, we will change this. Once this has been identified we make the item of clothing our own, we stay minimal on most designs with subtle changes to the fabric, as opposed to adding lots to an item. We believe adapting and altering fabrics is more unique and creative. If I wouldn’t be happy wearing this item all day, everyday, it won’t ever get past the sampling stage.


On that note, do you happen to have a particular piece in the collection that you really like? 

I love all the pieces in the collection, so many hours went into designing and producing each piece it would be impossible to pick one out.

Is it difficult to realize designs when you’re trying to adhere to the types of principals that Genesis is founded on?

It’s definitely difficult finding someone who can turn the designs into the real thing. Getting samples produced wasn’t too difficult but finding the right company who offer small minimum order quantities as well providing a very high level of quality proved to be the hardest challenge.

A challenge it may have been but one that was worthwhile nonetheless, as evidenced by Genesis’s first collection. Check out some of what they’re offering this winter on their site and to stay up to date on future collections be sure to follow Genesis on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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