Fernando Rangel: Youtube’s Rising Fashion Enthusiast


Fernando Rangel, the 19 year-old behind the streetwear and fashion youtube channel: designerclothes21. After making a name for himself on the social media and sharing platform, Rangel is beginning to harness his eye for fashion by expanding his name into a brand. Underline talks to the fashion youtuber and influencer on his journey into fashion, industry opinions and his latest release.

Initially, was it difficult to express your interest in streetwear? 

Yes, no doubt. Everyday guys are not used to seeing streetwear, let alone in the suburbs of Michigan. That is essentially the reason I started my youtube. It allowed me to interact with people of similar interest. However, with time people catch on. It is nice to see more and more people getting into the culture, including friends.

How did Youtube come into play with your interest in streetwear?

Youtube came before streetwear for me. I ran a soccer channel that started in November 2009. Later in 2012 I started my current channel. Slowly I began to get into clothes, but not fashion. I would say I was not into fashion until 2015/2016. Before then, I just bought clothes and did not look at much beyond it.


Currently, what are your opinions on the streetwear industry? Is it too saturated? Too much hype? 

I would not say it is too saturated. People see a growing market and want to join. Although, I would say people in fashion are the least accepting. Meaning that a lot of kids want to be unique in their own way, which is great. However, when they see new kids hoping on brands they like, they feel less unique and are reluctant to continue wearing it, I don’t like that.


Are there any under the radar brands that you think deserve more credit? 

I wouldn’t call Cav Empt under the radar but they definitely deserve more credit. Cav has had popularity, but we just do not see people talking about it as much as other brands in the same market. 

Recently, you’ve released your own product – the ‘Falling Michigan’ tee – on your website, what was it inspired by? 

Virgil Abloh’s “Off-Wisconsin” collection for the University of Wisconsin. I was actually looking to buy one of the three shirts, but then I came to realize that I have nothing to do with Wisconsin. Later, it hit me that I wished he had produced more editions for other states. That’s how the tee came to life, in essence it is a variation of Virgil’s. 

Do you plan on further developing your name into a brand?

Of course. Whether it be with social presence or through a company. 


Do you have any plans for the future? Collaborations? Releases? 

I am actually working a new piece at the moment. Still in the early stages, but it will be better. As far as collaboration, I would love to collaborate with friends on videos and projects. Those take time though, it is hard to find something both people are interested in.

Any other advice for other brands or creators? 

Don’t just think, do.


Check out Fernando Rangel’s – designerclothes21 – channel here.

Images credited to Fernando’s Instagram.

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