Division: the brand creating their own realm of streetwear – Interview

After the success of their first collection, rising streetwear brand Division, are back with their second installment. Still carrying the brand’s unique and distinctive aesthetic, the second collection features even more variety and creativity than the first. Upon their upcoming release Underline sat down with the Division to discuss their brand, its progression and of course its upcoming release…

So, just to introduce your brand a bit, how did Division get started? 
Division was a concept that began while I was working on a completely different brand when I was 17. During that time I was trying to hone my skills by learning screen printing and textiles to be able to give my full efforts to Division when the time came around. Now at the age 22 I felt ready enough to pursue it.
What about your name, why did you chose Division to be your brand’s title? 
It was because I want to separate this brand from anything else. I genuinely want to do something much different with fashion and our involvement with culture; place a separation between myself and everyone else, and that’s what Division is. A separation.
Equally unique is the way your brand operates with each item being limited to 25 pieces, why is this? 
I view this brand as a work of my own art. My emotion, feelings, inspirations put into a physical form. We actually don’t make 25 pieces then sell them, we make only per order, up to 25 pieces. If 25 people order all Larges, there would only be 25 larges of that shirt ever made. I want those who purchase from us, to feel special and involved with us. Like they are a part of something larger, especially when we get more exposure. You’ll see more of what I’m talking about once that time comes.
Along the same lines, I wanted to touch base on our naming system. We use numbers as the names of the pieces. Each garment has its own number in accordance to the season it’s in. S1 had pieces 1-14 and S2 is going to feature 15-23, 9 pieces total. Kinda forms our own archival system for those that are interested in us.
In more recent new, you’re preparing for the release of your second collection, what are the inspirations and themes behind this collection? 
My mother has a huge impact to the brand as a whole. She has her masters degree in theology, so a lot of different religions have always a been part of our conversations. Music also has a pretty large impact, because I listen to anything from, The Black Dahlia Murder to Frank Ocean (who needs to drop the album already). Also, I’m severely colorblind which plays a pretty big part in the color palette of the brand as well.
If you had to pick one or two pieces from the collection which would it be and why?
If I had to pick any, I would probably pick the turtleneck. It’s combed cotton and a little bit heavier, so it’s super soft and perfect for winter. Also the graphic is very subtle, so it’s definitely a good standalone or layering piece.
How is this new collection a progression of your brand?  
We have strayed away from t-shirts. Before we mostly only had tees with straps that hung from the side, and a few accessories here and there.
With this collection you’ll notice a larger amount of items and
a range of different garments.
Looking forward, where do you hope to take your brand? 
I would love to open up my own store. I want it to be a melting pot of creativity. I want every aspect of the arts or anything you can define as art, to be a part of the store. A boutique, music venue, art gallery, etc. If it can be done within our four walls when we get them, I want to do it. As for the clothing itself, I’m not exactly sure what direction it will go. Designing has always been a very natural process to me, and I completely avoid forcing it. I’ve got notebooks of designs, but nothing set in stone. The mind is always changing, so why shouldn’t the designs.
Are there any other important details on your latest line? 
We are going to release two items every week for four weeks. Once the website is updated, all of the products will be on the website to view in detail, and will have a release date under it. Then once everything is released, it will be available until each piece has an owner. Follow us @DivisionWear.
If you’re interested in checking out Division’s latest collection be sure to head over to their site.


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