Curating creativity within the sneaker industry with #Deliciouskicks – Interviews


The rise of social media has brought an explosion to sneaker culture with the ability to share, purchase and trade kicks being easier then ever. This increased connectivity has also gave way to creative artists that are presenting and working with sneakers in unique and innovative ways. We sat down with Michael from the Instagram account, @ryustyler, to discuss how he has begun his own sneaker movement and how he’s using it to progress and innovate the industry.

Behind The Bogo: Who is Sade?


On the first of February 2017, Supreme released their teaser of the SS17 collections. The collection included a tracksuit with the face of none other than Barack Obama, a Vanson leather jacket and the Sade photo tee. Now you’re probably thinking, who is Sade…. Continue reading “Behind The Bogo: Who is Sade?”

The Complete History of The Air Max 1


On the eve of Air Max Day, Underline decided to focus the latest installment of our The Complete History series on the universally known Air Max 1. Introduced way back in 1987 by the legendary Tinker Hatfield, the Air Max one has grown to become on of the most recognized silhouettes in the industry and has been the inspiration behind an abundance of other Nike sneakers. Join us, as we explore the journey of this revolutionary product…

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An Unfinished History of Kanye West’s Brand: Pastelle


For all you hardcore readers, you are well aware of our ‘The Complete History of’ series where we dive into the stories and details behind some of the most accomplished and established brands within the industry. For this installment of the series, we explore the back story and life of Kanye West’s long lost fashion line, Pastelle. After years of delay and anticipation, fans are still left confused as to what happened to the brand; so without further ado, this is an unfinished history of Kanye West’s Pastelle… Continue reading “An Unfinished History of Kanye West’s Brand: Pastelle”

424 teams up with Grailed for installation showcasing exclusive garments


Grailed teamed up with 424 for another installment of their ‘The Drop’ series. The online fashion marketplace created an installation in the 424 store in Los Angles as well as an online listing on Grailed. The collaboration features multiple different pieces which both Grailed and 424 deem to be historically significant and valuable. The pieces featured included 424’s classic denim trucker, cropped denim parka and oversized university hoodie. Continue reading for more pictures from the event…

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