CAMPED: The Streetwear Club at UC Davis


CAMPED is a new social club at the UC Davis that aims to foster “an actual community for people that are interested and appreciate the streetwear culture. It’s not about who has the most expensive supreme piece on, or who has the most Yeezy’s. It’s about learning more about the culture that we support while giving back to the community through clothes drives and donations to charities.” Underline caught up with the CAMPED team to learn more:

It’s dope what you’re doing, and in some ways seems to be unique to the streetwear scene. Why do you think streetwear, as a “genre” of fashion, has this widespread social component to it?

We feel as though streetwear has a social component integrated into it because of the culture that raised it – Hip-Hop. Hip-hop always had a social side to it, and was a way to express yourself without violence – from graffiti, to rap battles, to dance battles all these forms of art was another way to just express yourself without being aggressive. We feel as though streetwear allows people to show their identity without saying anything at all.

What’s the size of your club right now? Does your university have a pretty sizable amount of people into the scene?

So far we’ve only had 3 events and therefore haven’t really built up our reputation and our momentum yet. Our first event was a big hit with a total attendance of 50 people – and that was before we posted about ourselves on r/streetwear. We didn’t think we’d receive that much positive reception from the reddit community, and it was inspiring for us to know that others were empowered to make their own streetwear club as well. Even with the 50 people that came to our first general meeting, there are still a lot of other people around our campus that don’t know we exist or we haven’t seen at our events. We want to eventually be well known and make sure people who are into streetwear know that there’s a community out there for them at UC Davis.

Streetwear Club

Right on, are the backgrounds/majors of the members fairly diverse?

Yes! We are very fortunate to have our club be extremely diverse. We even have a grad student at UC Davis that is a part of our board! That’s why we find streetwear so amazing because it brings together people that have different interests, career goals, dreams, yet we can all come together and be a community and support one another. We feel as though our club is so unique because it integrates other skills and passions beside fashion! We want to incorporate graphic design and photography into our club, and allow those that dabble in those arts to perfect their craft through our club.

Was it hard to find faculty support? I imagine it could have been difficult if you didn’t have faculty that were in the loop about where you coming from.

It wasn’t that hard of a task to form the club. It was just a matter of having patience and being thorough with the whole process. Our university isn’t strict when it comes to forming clubs, in fact they were encouraging us to make it because they want more students to create their own clubs. So even dealing with faculty we always had support. As for the process itself we just had to keep checking in with the university to make sure we were following the correct steps and if there were any issues that we could fix them right away.
Streetwear Club

It’s pretty cool that you’re trying to add a philanthropy aspect to your club. What’re your plans as far as that goes?

As for the philanthropy aspect of our club we plan on having quarterly clothes drives, especially during the winter season. We essentially want to focus on just giving back to the community. We’re firm believers in sharing our talents and gifts with others, especially those that need it. We want to change the community of streetwear, and have people focus on the things that really matter in the world by giving back to others. We also plan on selling our own apparel in the near future and have those funds donated to charities. We want these charities to be about supporting the youth and making sure they’re staying out of trouble by having an outlet for creative self expression.

Camped Crew

Do you have any advice for people interested in doing the same at their schools?

To anyone that wants to create their own streetwear club we say DO IT!! this whole process of creating something different and something that we felt was needed has been such a meaningful experience for all of us. A lot of people are scared to go after their dreams and ideas, but we say don’t be afraid to do what you want. It’s okay to fail because we’re not all perfect, so you might as well try at what your heart desires instead of letting your interests and passion die. Secondly, if you do make it a reality don’t take it too seriously! Make sure everyone – whether they’re board members or just general members of the club – are having fun and feeling included in everything. Think about the values and visions you want for your club and stick to them!

Solid advice, sounds like you all definitely know what you’re doing. Good luck with it!


To contact CAMPED, hit them up on Facebook or Instagram.

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