Behind The Bogo: Who is Sade?

BehindTheBogoOn the first of February 2017, Supreme released their teaser of the SS17 collections. The collection included a tracksuit with the face of none other than Barack Obama, a Vanson leather jacket and the Sade photo tee. Now you’re probably thinking, who is Sade….

Sade or Helen Folasade Adu, is a Nigerian born English singer-songwriter who was mostly active in the 80’s and 90’s. That explains why a lot of Supreme heads have never heard of her.


Sade started her career as a backup singer for the band Pride. Due to the growing attention she received from record labels, she decided to leave Pride and start her own band called Sade. The band was formed in 1892 and consisted of previous members of Pride.

In 1984 they started working on an album which they completed in only six weeks. The albums was called Diamond Life and was released on the 16th of July. Diamond Life was a success to say at least. It sold more than 6 million copies and is still one of the most successful debut albums by an English female vocalist.

Sade Adu showed a fond interest in films and made her acting debut in the 1986 film, Absolute Beginners starring the late David Bowie and documentary maker Julien Temple. The film is about the life of a teenage freelance photographer in West London. She played the role of Athene Duncannon, her vocals were also used on the soundtrack.

“Lovers Rock” the band’s fifth album was released in 2000, afterwards they went on a 10-year hiatus that some of the band members used to work on other projects. Sade took this time to raise her daughter Mickailia “Ila” Adu in the Caribbean. During this time, she tried to stay away from the media the best she could. One notable appearance came in 2002, when she accepted her Order of the British Empire for her services to music at Buckingham Palace.

Six years later the band got back together for the first time since 2000. They began recording in the beginning of 2009 and were finished in the Summer. The recordings of Sade’s sixth album took place in England and Spain. “Soldier of Love” was released on the 5th of February 2009. The album debuted at number four on the UK albums chart, number one on the Billboard 200 and sold 502,000 copies in the first week in the United States.


Recently there was a lot of media attention surrounding Sade because Drake posted a picture on Instagram of Sade, his mother and himself with the following caption “Two very important ladies in my life.”. This picture was taken in London on his Boy Meets World tour.

Earlier this week Niki Norberg posted a picture on Instagram showing a Sade tattoo on Drake’s chest. The tattoo itself is a black and white portrait with Sade’s signature “with love Sade X” below.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 11.01.11 AM


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