Op-Ed: Trends That 2017 Is Dropping & Trends That It’s Copping


With 2017 quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to look back at 2016 to see what’s going be left behind and what’s going to continue to grow in the new year. Here’s our predictions…

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CAMPED: The Streetwear Club at UC Davis


CAMPED is a new social club at the UC Davis that aims to foster “an actual community for people that are interested and appreciate the streetwear culture. It’s not about who has the most expensive supreme piece on, or who has the most Yeezy’s. It’s about learning more about the culture that we support while giving back to the community through clothes drives and donations to charities.” Underline caught up with the CAMPED team to learn more:

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Genesis Talks Their Debut Collection


UK-based Genesis Clothing goes live this winter with their first collection. They aim to create a brand where high fashion and streetwear fuse in such a way that the best elements of each are amplified. With those two sides of the fashion spectrum sometimes being mutually exclusive, Underline contacted the creatives behind Genesis to find out more about what they hope to accomplish and how.

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Where Is Green Fashion?

The US alone discards 21 billion pounds of clothes per year. That’s the weight of 656,000 sperm whales. Which is about triple the amount of sperm whales there actually are. And their numbers continue to dwindle. But this isn’t an article on sperm whales or the degrading environment.
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