Dark Frontiers in the ALIEN BODY Interview

Alien Body

Intense and extensive visuals evocative of conspiracies and the occult are abound in ALIEN BODY, a brand ran by Travis Egedy out of Brooklyn NYC. It manages to naturally inject streetwear with influences from subcultures, that up until only recently, were typically not too often associated with the scene. We decided to find out where the influence and creative capacity in doing so comes from:

When did ALIEN BODY start up and why?

Alien Body came about because i had been touring around as a musician already for a few years, and people were really liking the t shirts i was making for my project, Pictureplane, so i wanted a way to expand and to make more shirts that didnt have to be band shirts. And i had started doing some designs for Mishka and was really inspired by them and thought, “Hey i could do this”… so “ALIEN BODY” was born.

Do you think there are any unique challenges or advantages to starting a brand in Brooklyn?

yes. there are so many people here that exposure is a little more easy. People are always wanting to network and to see what other artists are doing. artists look out for each other and help each other in NYC its not as competitive as people would assume.

Do you think designing is a pretty natural transition to someone who had such a heavy background in DIY and art in general? Do you have any favorite designers yourself?

Yea i think so. i have probably designed literally hundreds of show flyers and posters. i think that experience and practice helped a lot with what i do with Alien Body . I am always paying attention to graphics and design. i think Alexander Heir is a genius. and whoever did all of stone cold steve austin’s merch.

Source: alienbody.net

So ALIEN BODY became in a way an extension of your work in Pictureplane. Do you think that benefited your creative goals in ALIEN BODY, seeing as you had a foundation set with your work in Pictureplane’s merch?

Well i am not the first musical artist to have a clothing brand! It helped my designs a lot to have more of a worldy experience that came from touring and being a musician for for years. it just really sort of made sense. Merch is a huge part of income for bands and it was important for me to have really sick merch. i studied art in college and got a degree in painting, which has helped out both a lot with my music and my designs.

With that in mind, have you had an interest in fashion/streetwear for a long time?

i used to not have any interest in “high fashion” i hated it, and i would only wear insane clothes that i found at thrift stores.  but i realized it was because i really knew nothing about it. i grew up skateboarding. and i loved all of the skate brands and skate clothing, which is basically “street wear” . what really opened my mind a lot was starting a relationship with Mishka and also meeting TJ Cowgill AKA King Dude who does all the designs for Actual Pain. Actual Pain is a huge influence on Alien Body and i consider TJ a close friend and mentor.  

How’d you link up with TJ/King Dude? Actual Pain is a ways away from NYC.

i performed at a show that he set up in seattle. before the show he allowed me and my friends to come to the actual pain warehouse and he hooked us up with a bunch of free clothes. that was in 2011. we just sort of it it off and immediately started talking about all kinds of deep shit. he’s like a older brother to me or something.

King Dude
King Dude. Source: Allan Wan

What was it like working for Mishka?

it was a huge learning experience. just getting to see how a larger brand functions, and getting to meet and interact with the people running the brand, building a relationship with them. they taught me a lot, and were just hugely supportive of me as an artist. i’ll forever love Mishka for that and how they treat underground artists.

In your interview with Modular Magazine, you say fashion would be nothing without music. What music do you think has been the most influential in what you’ve done with ALIEN BODY?

i am influenced by all kinds of underground music and subcultures. and i am interested in cross pollination of different genres and aesthetics. early 90’s Rave and acid house is a big influence, 90’s hip-hop, and industrial and noise.

Travis Egedy
Travis Egedy. Source: Unreal-Life.

I get some Black Metal vibes from your work as well. Are you into that?

yea i love black metal, specifically the old school 1st wave stuff. early black metal was very punk. i love extreme subculture. ive spent the last few years researching the history of black metal quite a bit actually.

Do you feel like streetwear pulls often from Goth/Metal in terms of aesthetic?

i think that may be just a trend right now. you see a lot of rappers like Travis Scott wearing a Mercyful Fate shirt or something and in interviews he will admit he doesnt know who that band is he just likes the shirt. Metal graphics share a lot in common with graffiti. it references subculture and crude aesthetics which is something that appeals to streetwear. i love metal so it is kind of weird to see the new Justin Beiber merch look like a Metal band’s shirts haha

How would you describe your own personal style?

industrial goth rave punk on acid.


What’s the future looking like for ALIEN BODY right now?

i just got a whole new website for it and i have started working on new clothes for this fall! im really still taking it one step at a time. making clothes is really expensive!

Check out ALIEN BODY on Instagram and on their website.

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