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It is not often that you hear a tall person complaining about their height – until you go shopping with one. The inability to find clothes that fit and were still stylish is what the founders of Plus 2 Clothing were met with on a daily basis. Yet, it was this struggle that would eventually push the pair to creating their brand. Underline sat down with Plus 2 to discuss how they got started making clothes for those gifted with height… 

How did Plus 2 get started and why did you start it?
My business partner and I were both fed up with struggling to find t-shirts that would fit our taller builds. We’d buy XXL just to get the length right but then it would be too boxy. Sure there was some big & tall man stores around but they lacked style, especially since we preferred more of a street/casual look. We had both messed around with designing various apparel in the past so after a few beers on a sunny afternoon, we thought f**k it let’s have a crack at making our own brand that specialises in cuts of t-shirts for the vertically gifted. We figured the worst that could happen is we would just end up with a wardrobe for ourselves!

Your brands name, Plus 2, what does it mean?
So I’m quite a big basketball fan and use to rock a lot of NBA jerseys, especially because they were one of the only tops that had good length on them. They generally had a tag at the bottom saying +2 inches in length at the bottom of them. This got me thinking why couldn’t all my t-shirts/tops have that extra 2 inches of length haha so yeah that’s how the name was born.
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What is the main motivation behind your brand? 
Definitely coffee haha. We both are definitely not morning people or motivated to get anything done until that first cup. 
Is there anyone within the streetwear community or anywhere else that inspires you and your brand? 
Would have to say Stussy as far as streetwear is concerned. A lot of streetwear brands come and go but to be able to stay relevant for close to 30 years is pretty extraordinary so they’re obviously doing something right!
What is the favorite piece you’ve ever created for Plus 2? 
We did a collaboration with Canadian DJ Grandtheft a couple of years ago when he toured Australia and that’s still probably the favourite t-shirt design I have done to date (see below). It also sold out at all the shows making it more rewarding for us. Hopefully can do more collaborative pieces like this in the future with other touring artists.
What is the streetwear scene like in Australia? 
Generally speaking the Australian streetwear scene has always kind of followed suit with what’s happening in the US but I think that’s all finally starting to change. It’s easier than ever to start a clothing label and this is sparking a whole lot of up ‘n coming fresh designers doing their thing in Australia. I feel like the streetwear scene also feeds off of the hip hop scene quite a lot and that is also certainly on the ups right now in Australia.
Where do you hope to take Plus 2 Clothing?
We already ship worldwide at pretty reasonable prices but it would be awesome to be able to get stocked in some stores over in the US and Europe. Especially in countries like Netherlands and Denmark where we hear there is quite a lot of tall people!
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Any collaborations, new releases or other plans for the future?
We’ve got some new collaborations that will be dropping within the next month that were done with local Aussie artists, so we can’t wait to show you guys them. As for the future, right now we’re working on a lot more cut & sew style designs to give our shoppers greater options when it comes to premium basics or finding more unique streetwear pieces.

Be sure to head over to 2 PLUS site for a look at their latest gear and if you enjoyed this interview check out more here.

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